Muslim Dating Apps and How Are They Halal?

Muslim Dating Apps and How Are They Halal?
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At Joon, our commitment as a Muslim dating and Marriage app revolves around creating a halal space for users to discover their future spouse. Unique in-app features set us apart, allowing you to keep have an incognito mode, send instant messages, use the platform without swiping and more.

Safety is paramount in the Joon community, prompting all users to undergo the selfie verification process during signup. Profiles are reviewed to ensure they follow Islamic Guidelines and its easy to report users who break the rules.

Muslim Dating apps are built to be halal and also require the users to have the proper intentions when using the platform. Users intentions should be to find a spouse and get married. The western ideology of dating is of a less serious intention, whereas Muslims are seeking to get married when on the search for a partner.

When contemplating an in-person meeting with a match from the Muslim dating app, prioritizing safety is crucial. Opt for familiar public places, inform a trusted person about your plans, and adhere to a pre-established plan. Never rush into a meeting; wait until both parties are prepared. Joon is dedicated to providing Muslims with a secure and halal dating app, placing the well-being of our users at the forefront.